Content is a crucial part of building a strong online presence. One of the best strategies for growing content is to write blog posts regularly. But how do you ensure that these articles are not just more articles, but articles that will be read, will bring traffic, credibility to your site, blog and/or your brand? We offer you a list of the best blog writing tips below.

Choose your subject

Before you start writing, you need to decide what you are going to talk about in the article. One of the avenues to explore for inspiration is to think of your readers, your customers. Think about the questions they regularly ask you. 

Besides that, you can also do a little brainstorming on a list of 10-15 topics you would like to cover. You will thus create a catalog of subjects in which you can draw when writing your next article.

Out of inspiration. Do like us, make a short list of sites that inspire you. In our case, daily reading of the Moderator’s Blog helps us to keep up to date with digital, SEO or social media news.

Prepare a writing plan

Make a list of the main points that will be included in the article and then group them into common themes. Organize these lines of thought by creating sections (h2s, h3s) and place them in a logical progression to build your plan. It could for example be chronological if it is a tutorial.

Keep in mind that the plan you establish at this stage is not set in stone. It serves to build your thinking and will help you in writing. Thus, you can always develop certain points or delete ideas that would no longer make sense as you build your article.

The advantage of this method is that you will ultimately make your content more readable by structuring your article into paragraphs.

Integrate the “SEO” layer 

Blog posts are a valuable tool for driving traffic to your site. This may not be your primary goal, but don’t neglect natural referencing. Consider each article as an opportunity to optimize your visibility on certain keywords, visibility that you could not normally reach by seeking for example to optimize a static page of your site.

The most important thing to understand about SEO for blog posts is that you should always write for readers . Search engines favor content that brings value to readers. Also, make sure you cover a topic that people want to read and that your article is a useful resource for them.

Illustrate your words

The human is lazy. On screens, readers tend to read diagonally. Choose visuals, images, photos that highlight your most important words. Images help break up the text of the article.

If you cite specific research or data in your article, try to include a table or graph visualizing that data.

Read and read again

Once you’ve finished a post, leave it aside and come back to it later. Read it and re-read it to see the grammatical errors. At the end of the article ask yourself if you have addressed what you wanted to say in your article, in a concise and logical way. Proofread your title and see if you can squeeze in an important keyword.

If possible, have someone else read the article as well to check for typos and make sure your article flows well.

Publishing articles regularly is one of the best things you can do for your site.

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