What is Snapchat?

Snapchat is a social media application where you can chat and share your memories in daily life with others online. Snapchat has about 106+ Million audiences from the United States, and the top audience base is from India about 115M+ and a few other countries as follows.

France – 24M

United Kingdom – 20M

Saudi Arabia – 19M

and so on…

Is Snapchat safe?

Yes, Snapchat is safe and it has more privacy compared to other social media applications that are available online.

How to install Snapchat?

You can install Snapchat from App Store or Play store.

How to Join Snapchat group?

You can join via the invite links that we have provided on this website. And also check out more information on how to join the Snapchat group from the post that we have listed on this site.

How to submit your Snapchat Group Invite Link?

You can submit your Snapchat group invite links here. Click to Submit

Is there any site similar to ?

Yes, there is also a website is available for gay people to chat online for free with thousands of gay friends. Check out that too. But, for that, you need to install the Telegram application from the play store or App store.