RAM-draining Android Applications That Make Smartphones/HPs Slow

Applications That Make Android Smartphones Slow – The basis of the last decade, has become the peak point of smartphones in the midst of people around the world. Even in the years to come, there has been no sign of a decline in activity related to this smartphone. Smartphones turn themselves into commercial goods that are no less important than basic necessities. The world’s need for smartphones has never even been predicted to explode as it is today.

RAM-draining Android Applications That Make Smartphones/HPs Slow

Almost certainly, all people have this type of cell phone. From children to adults. From ordinary people to officials need this smart communication tool. Here are the facts. Smartphones are so phenomenal.

However, the smart performance embedded in a smartphone is not entirely true. Why is that. Yes, one of them is that long or slow loading is still a disease that undermines intelligence. Anyone wants to use a fresh and fast smartphone to make online activities easier. It’s very annoying when the smartphone’s performance is slow when the activity must be completed immediately.

Now for those of you who feel the smartphone is slow loading, then it’s good to listen to the following article about any android application that makes the smartphone slow.

List of Android Applications That Make Smartphones Slow

The most popular application is still held by Facebook. This social networking application seems to be a mandatory application for every smartphone. In fact, many cellphone outlets dare to directly embed Facebook in the smartphone application of their prospective users. So no doubt, the popularity of Facebook is always maintained. However, there are downsides that you should pay attention to. That it turns out that this application is very wasteful of battery and wasteful of storage capacity in memory. So that it can slow down the performance of the smartphone.

Facebook Messenger
Not much different from the parent application, Facebook Messenger also affects the use of RAM memory and wasteful power consumption. Users can choose one of them, but it is certain that the performance of the smartphone will still slow down if it is not wise to use it.

Weather App
The next application that makes smartphones slower is the weather application. The periodic updates that it displays are indeed one of the attractions for users to use it. However, this is what causes the smartphone battery to run out quickly and add memory updates which slow down smartphone performance.

Anti Virus
The function of this application is very clear, namely preventing the entry of viruses or malware into the operating system of the smartphone. Any data in it will be safe using this application. However, this is again one of the few applications that make smartphone batteries run out quickly. It is wiser to use a smartphone online by doing official and trusted browsing so that it is not easily infiltrated by viruses. So you don’t need to update your anti-virus regularly, which can slow down your smartphone’s performance.

Cleaner App
Applications such as Clean Master, Speed ​​Booster, CC Cleaner and the like are indeed very good at cleaning memory junk in smartphones. But again, this application is not good at maintaining the availability of battery power. In addition, the memory and cache capacity that it presents is also not small. This is what makes the smartphone slow.

Browser Application
The default browser from Android also increases cache memory and wastes battery. Apart from being wasteful of quota. Better not to use it and use a browser from Opera Mini or Chrome which can be formatted to lower data usage.

Battery Saver App
Don’t get me wrong if after using the smartphone battery saver type application it becomes slow. This is because, some features in the smartphone stop. Especially the battery-intensive features. So that the smartphone does not run normally as usual.

Apps or Widgets on Homescreen
The more applications or widgets on the homescreen, it is certain that the smartphone will slow down. This is due to the use of the internet to activate its features. Call it weather widgets, news, air temperature and others. When everything is active, this is what makes the smartphone slower.

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