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The UK population is much more mobile than it has ever been. Where once a foreign holiday was something of an exotic luxury, today two weeks in the sun is almost taken for granted. Weekend city breaks have become extremely popular, not least because of budget airlines offering flights at prices unimaginable just a few years ago.

Then of course, there’s been a huge upsurge in business travel as trade restrictions have made it easier to conduct business with firms in other countries in the EU and beyond.

All this travelling has lead to a huge increase in the travel insurance business – it’d be a brave or foolhardy traveller who’d go on a major trip without at least making sure that they have basic medical cover should disaster strike.

Which Policy?

As with all types of finance, travel insurance can be either very simple or extremely complicated, with untold amounts of jargon and a sometimes bewildering array of options. Nonetheless, travel cover is usually fairly cheap, and the right policy will be invaluable should you ever have the need to call on it.

Here at Travel Insurance Info, we hope to give you the information you need to choose your policy wisely, getting the cover you need at the lowest possible cost.

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