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Travel Insurance for the EU

No matter where you are travelling to you should always take out travel insurance to cover you for any eventuality that may occur during your trip. Some people may think to themselves, it’s only a short trip abroad to France or Holland and they’ll take a chance that nothing will go wrong, but is that chance worth taking?

Even on a trip to another EU country there are factors to consider that make taking out travel insurance a must. You can get a European Health Insurance Card before travelling to another EU country and this will entitle you to free or reduced cost health care in an EU country.

What’s Covered

However very few countries pay all of the medical costs you could incur and any accommodation and travel cost for repatriation after an illness or accident would be your liability, so taking out travel insurance that covers such possibilities is vital.

Your travel insurance will also cover the cancellation or any curtailment of your holiday that isn’t your choice and will provide some sort of monetary recompense if this happens.

Any loss or damage to personal items is also covered as is loss and theft of money.

Other things that are normally covered include:

Expenses incurred replacing a lost passport
The Legal expenses and a personal liability cover in case of an accident where you cause injury or damage to the third party or their property
Compensation if you suffer permanent disability or death whilst on holiday
All of the above mentioned are usually covered up to a certain limit so you will need to be aware of what these limits are and if you think they provide adequate cover before you enter into an agreement to buy the insurance.

Disclose Medical Conditions

It’s also important that you disclose any medical conditions you may suffer from when buying your travel insurance. Doing this doesn’t automatically mean you will be charged more for your travel insurance, but it will mean that if you do make a claim it won’t be thrown out under the non-disclosure rule.

Dangerous Activities

Make sure you are covered for any activities you plan to take part in while on your trip. Para-sailing and other activities like bungee-jumping may not be covered by your policy, so if you intend to take part in any type of activity mention it when you are buying your insurance to make sure you are covered.

Compare Prices

Finally, Taking out travel insurance is just like buying any other product. It pays to shop around and get the best deal available that suits all your requirements.

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