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Worldwide Travel Insurance

It is possible for travellers to take out travel insurance that covers annual multiple trips to destinations worldwide and if you are planning to take more than one holiday abroad say in Europe and another in the US, Africa or Asia then this type of travel cover is well worth considering.

The benefits of a policy like this include being covered for any number of trips to any destination worldwide, meaning you only have to arrange travel insurance once, saving you time and in most cases money too! A policy like this means that anyone covered by the insurance can travel independently at any time, so if you are lucky enough to have a property abroad, or the use of a property abroad, not all members of the family need to travel at the same time, giving you flexibility in your travel arrangements. Because you don’t have to waste time making arrangements for insurance every time you want to take a trip, this type of policy is also ideal for taking advantage of cheap last minute deals.

Business Travel

Business travel is also covered by this type of insurance and in some cases the policy will also compensate for the loss of air miles or frequent flyer points if the trip is cancelled through no fault of your own.

Of course if you are only making one trip during the year then an annual multi-trip policy probably won’t be cost effective, but there is a lot of single trip travel insurance cover available for trips outside of Europe and many provide a few extras like cover for winter sports and other activities. Some policies that are available even provide free cover against acts of terrorism, while others offer free cover for children.24 hour medical emergency cover is also provided by some in some cases.

Shop Around for the Best Deal

When booking a holiday at the travel agents a lot of people take out the insurance that is offered to them because it is convenient. But these normally aren’t the best deals around and they may not suit your personal circumstances, so it’s better to try to arrange your own travel insurance and try and pick up good deals at reasonable prices combined with a policy that covers exactly what you need as an individual.

There’s a wide range of choice available and just by taking a little time to think about what you need your travel insurance to cover could save you quite a bit of money, which you could then use as extra spending money during your holiday.

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