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Backpacking Travel Insurance

Many people see backpacking as a relatively cheap and easy way to travel. Particularly popular with students travelling in their gap year backpacking is a perfect way to get up close and experience other cultures in various parts of the world.

Before setting out on such a journey would be backpackers should make sure they have travel insurance that will adequately cover any eventuality that can occur on such a long and adventurous trip.

Travel insurance specifically aimed at backpackers is available although what each insurance company may actually call it can vary. Some call it ‘Student Travel’, ‘Backpacking travel’, or ‘Gap Travel’, while others calls it ‘Extended or Long stay insurance’. But no matter what it’s called it’s important you get the cover you need to give you confidence in knowing no matter what occurs on your journey, like losing your money or having to pay unexpected medical fees will be covered by your insurance.

Medical Costs

Many people who go backpacking travel to a lot of out of the way destinations in Africa, Asia and in Europe. Unlike the UK where the NHS will treat any medical condition or injury free of charge in many parts of the world medical treatment and the cost of medicines are extremely expensive and if you are unlucky enough to injure yourself or become ill during your journey you can end up with huge medical bills so it’s important your backpacker policy offers enough financial cover to meet such bills if needed.


If you are travelling for a long period of maybe a year, you may have to try and get some work to help meet the expense of your trip. Not all travel insurance policies will cover that eventuality, so make sure you tell the company you’re buying your insurance from all your intended plans and make sure you will be covered.

Danger Sports

You should also tell your insurance company if you intend to participate in any dangerous activities while travelling. Bungee jumping, white water rafting and other adventurous activities may not be covered by your policy. You may have to pay extra if you intend to participate in some of these sports or activities, so it’s important you know exactly what you are covered for before deciding on the right insurance.

Home Visits

Some travel insurance cover will also allow you to return home two or three times during the year without voiding your policy and this can be a real bonus-remember you may want your mum to do a bit of washing-and is worth considering.

Age Limits

Most backpacker travel insurance is only available to travellers under the age of 36; if you are older you will need to speak to your insurance company to get specialist cover.

Shop around to find the best deals as prices can vary a lot and make sure your policy covers you for every possible eventuality.

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