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What Does the Off Piste Ski Insurance Cover?

Skiing off piste has crossed the mind of every passionate skier. The adrenaline and the excitement given by off piste ski routes can be hard to resist, however they are very dangerous at the same time. Therefore, it would be a very good idea that, before you go off the normal routes, you get an off piste ski insurance first.

The reasons why you should consider an off piste insurance is that these routes are usually very tricky and, thus, the chances you will be involved in a ski accident are very high. Moreover, there is always a chance that you will damage your ski equipment.

Don’t Go Off-Piste Alone

One thing you should be careful about is that the off piste ski insurance does not cover accidents that occur in places that are catalogued as being unsafe by the authorities and have a sign that warns you about the dangers of taking that route. In addition, if you decide to take unmarked routes you will have to be accompanied by a local guide that knows the area very well if you want your insurance to be validated. However, if you ever go off piste you should never do it alone, whether you have insurance or not.

Off-Piste Insurance for Avalanches and Accidents

What the off piste ski insurance usually covers are the search costs in case you got caught in an avalanche or you had an accident and you are unable to move by yourself, helicopter assistance, first aid assistance, the hospital expenses, including surgery if it is needed and all the medications you will need to take before you recover. Some insurance companies can also offer compensations for the days that you have been hospitalized and were not be able to ski.

An important aspect that you should look for in case you decide to visit a ski resort that is not in your country is the covers of repatriation, because some ski accidents can be really nasty sometimes and can keep you in bed for months. If you are not very interested in your own safety then you should really consider the medical costs that you will have to pay if you are in another country and you do not have an off piste ski insurance. Besides, with all those offers available all over the Internet you will surely find one that you can afford.

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